Trailereffekter AB

The ’Expert’ on parts and equipments for trailers

During the
60 - and 70-century, the manufacture of trailers in Sweden.
Then also developed unique types of trailers for the Swedish market
different needs. To meet the aftermarket needs of parts started
TRAILEREFFEKTER AB 1977 by engaged people and trailer specialists.

Our staff has over the years developed a unique expertise, both in terms
new imported trailers with a new range of products as well as for old
unique trailers and trailers. This means that we can assist
all customers in a variety of technical issues around a trailer and has a
full range of
genuine parts to offer.

Proximity to the market has always been a target for us and this has led to
that today we are at seven different locations around the country.
In each location, we have a full assortment, high level of service
the original parts and highly qualified staff in the form of site manager,
sales people.
For fast service parts that are purchased infrequently, we have a
service store in Hässleholm that can assist with delivery overnight.
We are about 40 employees and a turnover of nearly 200 million.

It is part of AxIndustries and can take advantage of
Ax. Johnson Group's strong position in many areas.

The future is mapped out and TRAILEREFFEKTER AB works to be a strong
provider to our customers and develop business togehter with them.

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